4th Edition

Mayhem in Seattle

Played via Skype
My status

Rules about the Rules

  1. Before you even consider arguing rules, make sure you can provide Book and Page to reference the rule in question.
  2. Do NOT argue rules during a session, it is disruptive and irritates everyone.
  3. There are some rules that I choose to fiat. They can be found Here. This listing may change.

Gameplay Guidelines

  1. I honestly try NOT to kill PC’s… I can (to a limited degree) save you from bad rolls some of the time, but I will NOT save you from stupid actions like these.
  2. I have ZERO tolerance for those who complain about what other players choose to play.
  3. I have little tolerance for those who complain about how other players play (I understand complaining about the PC who consistently gets the party caught, but beyond that it’s not your character).

SR4, Mayhem in Seattle

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